About Us

Our Legacy Centers operate as non profit 501c3 organizations birthed to address the following gaps that can prevent Successful Aging:

1. Health Literacy – Underserved populations are not aware of services or how to best navigate resources to maximize outcomes necessary to have a high quality of life. Through our publishing house we provide written and interactive content to meet families where they are to assist them in understanding the aging, long term care navigation, and dying process.

2. Comprehensive Caregiver Support – Caregivers are dying under the weight of providing care to their aging loved ones while attempting to maintain healthy lifestyles for themselves. Through our Legacy Centers, Community Educational Engagements, and F.A.I.T.H. Initiative we join Adult Caregivers on their journey to create Caring Communities.

3. Guardian of Last Resort – When no-one is available to represent the best interest of an incapacitated adult; we provided trained, vetted professionals to serve as the guardian of last resort on a sliding scale based on income/assets.

4. Fragmentation of Services – We have encountered 100’s of families that stress the difficulty in transitioning across levels of care, coordinating community resources, and understanding the complexity of dynamics that could have significant bearing on both the aging individual and those that care for them.  Our Legacy Centers are a Hub for families to connect with the many quality service organizations, Faith Based Entity’s and professionals that stand ready to serve.  

Each of our Legacy Centers establish strong community relationships with the goal of referring in a way that keeps the Senior at the Center.

Our core motivation is that People should never be made into patients by taking away an appreciation for Quality of Life as defined by the individual.


We Help Aging Adults Live their Legacy on Purpose with Purpose Mind, Body, & Spirit! 


People Living as Long as they are alive supported by Engaged Informed Community. 





Our history

Our Founding Director Chanda Mills Crutcher started out as a caregiver in the nursing home setting over 20 years ago and was almost immediately impacted by the disparity in how our aging population are cared for.  

20 years later armed with experience as an Assisted Living Administrator, Nursing Home Administrator, Aging Life Care Manager, Registered Guardian, and the many Strategic Relationships that come from recognizing each assignment as a Life Calling versus simply a career path our first Legacy Center was born on August 1, 2018 in Huntsville, AL.

We are living in a culturally diverse world and people have needs based on their lifestyle, spiritual beliefs, and physical demands.  Quality of Life dictates that a cookie cutter approach to how we care for our aging population and those that care for them just won’t work.  Legacy is lived and not left.  

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Our Board of Directors

  1. Ryan Patrick Parker 
  2. Lauren Brooks
    (Vice President)
  3. Kristy Bryant
  4. Buford Thompson Sr.  (Treasurer)
  5. Jason Parks
    (Board Recruitment Chair)
  6. Pastor Perry Clark
    (Board Member)
  7. Pastor Jeremiah Chester (Board Member)
  8. Mario Maitland
    (Board Member)
  9. Ariel Foster
    (Board Member)
  10. Dana Hill
    (Board Member)
  11. Steve Mercer
    (Board Member)
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